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Lincoln, Nebraska

Lead Curiosi Teacher, Pedagogical Leadership & Mentor Teacher

Ciao Amici! I am incredibly honored and grateful to be a part of our Bambini Creativi community for my sixth year! Each year is its own magical adventure, where I get to take the hand of your child and get to discover, wonder, and unlock all the curiosities that our world holds. I am excited to begin this unique journey together once again!


I was born and raised in Nebraska and grew up on Husker football! I return back to Lincoln for all of the home games in the fall. Being one of eight kids and now the aunt to ten nieces and nephews, there is never a dull moment at my family’s house. My family has been a huge inspiration to me and they have helped cultivate my desire to teach young children. 


I decided to attend the University of Nebraska at Lincoln and I received my degree in Early Childhood Education. During my time in college, I learned about and fell in love with the Reggio Emilia Approach. It aligned with one of my core beliefs of how each individual child is to be valued as a competent and capable human being! Along with the important focus on following the interest of the child in learning. After this experience, I could never go back to the traditional way of teaching. 


I moved to Kansas City after hearing about Bambini, seeing the incredible learning environment, and coming to observe the high-quality educational experience given to children each and every day. It has been a phenomenal experience for me getting to walk alongside our amici and families to raise our children up as loving and caring human beings, and citizens of our world. 

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