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Picture: Brianne with mother and business partner Pam Nigro, and grandfather and inspiration , Victor Nigro.

Benvenuti a Tutti! Welcome, Everyone!

When the doors open in the morning at Bambini Creativi, our students and families pour their energy into our school, and you can feel it! Bambini Creativi pulsates with vitality and the hopes and dreams we share for our students and school community!
  Bambini Creativi is a family owned private and independent school  serving preschool and elementary students. Our school currently serve 90+ students from Preschool to Grade 5 and who are coming from 28 different zip codes in the Kansas City area. Our unique location in south Kansas City allows us to serve families from the state of Kansas and Missouri while diversifying our student population. For a growing and expanding school, our school community has always welcomed a small but growing international community. Bambini Creativi has not only welcomed our fellow American families, but we have also welcomed and served Australian, Brazilian, Chinese, Dutch, German, Indian, Italian, Japanese, Thai and Swedish families, who share their culture and enrich our learning experience.
  In just 5 years, Bambini Creativi's school community has developed an extraordinary and distinct learning experience, educational program and learning environment, while achieving continual growth and expansion as a school! Our commitment to our values and beliefs allow our students to thrive, our teachers to be driven and inspired, and our school community to become advocates for relevant and world-ready education.
  Bambini Creativi is more than a school where only learning takes place. It is a place where children can share life with their Amici (friends in Italian), practice mindfulness, develop critical thinking skills and deep understanding, meet rigorous academic challenges, become ethical leaders, and nurture the skills, attitudes, and attributes that develop them into lifelong learners.
  On behalf of our school community, I extend our greetings and a warm welcome to our prospective and current students and families. I invite you to navigate our website and learn more about Bambini Creativi's extraordinary educational experience! We hope you enjoy our offerings and make sure we are a good fit for your family! I encourage you to contact us for additional information or to schedule a personal tour for your family.
  It has been a blessing for me to realize my dream of building such a magical school, but it has been the most humbling to create it with our incredible school family! Each day at Bambini Creativi is meaningful and rewarding. The moment you enter our school, you will be confronted by our playful spirit, warm energy, and splendor!

We look forward to sharing it with you.


Brianne Teevan-Bongiovanni

Brianne Teevan-Bongiovanni
Founder & Head of School

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