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What inspires us to do what we do at Bambini Creativi?
We do what we do because we believe in our community, and we share fundamental beliefs about children and the right to a quality life and education. We have confidence in the beauty and the uniqueness of each person, the community, and in our children. We understand that the purpose of education is not a single endeavor only related to an individual, but it is also related to our immediate community, and to other people. We are consciously aware that the quality of our schools directly impacts the quality of the society we live in. Above education, Bambini Creativi provides a sense of community, a sense of belonging, and a shared sense of responsibility.
    In 2007, Carlina Rinaldi discussed a simple but profound connection, that “mothers and fathers from different countries throughout the world have the same fears, the same worries, and the same hopes concerning their children.” The key to our future of our children and our community lies in the attention to the multiple intelligences, the openness to new understandings, and the intercultural coexistence. The cultural experience we wish for our children is one that states that the other is not a problem, but an opportunity for ethical responsibility and compassion. Moral responsibility establishes fundamental rights in a democracy based on principles of equality, solidarity, and freedom. When we live by shared rules, then we can respect living together. The more this becomes the common culture, the more we realize that we are all on a journey together. - (Carlina Rinaldi 2010)
    At Bambini Creativi we are on a journey together. The cultural experience of our school is one that cultivates participation, support, openness and ethical responsibility. We know it takes a “village to raise a tomato” and even more to raise a child.
    At Bambini Creativi we encourage parents to be active participants in their child’s experience at home and school. Parents and caregivers have several opportunities throughout the year to contribute to their child’s classroom and volunteer for school wide events.
   Since family involvement dramatically increases the outcomes of student success, Bambini Creativi takes every opportunity to get together and celebrate what it means to be a member of the community. Parents and families are invited to attend our annual events that include: Light at Night, Fall and Spring Garden Parties, Annual Fundraiser Event, Family Field Trips, Holiday Celebrations, Conscious Discipline Parent Workshops, and much more!

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