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Bambini Creativi’s educational experience is rooted in humanity’s incredible capacity for creative intelligence. Sir Ken Robinson explains, “The dynamics of creativity flow across every boundary of discipline, time and culture.”
   Creativity allows us to bounce interpretations off one another, cross pollinate ideas, solve problems in unconventional ways, take on different perspectives, refine our thinking and challenge our understanding. Creativity is the path to creating a dynamic and wonder-filled learning environment where students can express their talent and skills, knowledge, and understanding through various modes of creative expression.
   An individual’s creative ideas have the potential of propelling a wave of inspiration to their community, and thus creates an integral path for innovative learning to take place.
   "Individual creativity is almost always affected by the work of other people. In this sense, our creative work is part of a much larger cultural conversation. When we work in teams or partnerships, the dynamics of creativity may seem obvious. But even people who typically work alone – some writers, composers, and mathematicians, for example – are influenced, positively or negatively, by the work of others.  Sometimes we’re inspired by people working in the same field, sometimes by people working in other fields entirely." (Sir Ken Robinson, Dynamics of Creativity 2013)

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