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Bambini Creativi believes a genuinely sustainable community is alive, fresh, vital, and dynamic. When children learn to think ecologically and understand the interconnectedness of human and natural systems, then they can understand how their active participation can help support a thriving future.
By weaving principles into our everyday routine, we teach our children to care about the quality as well as the continuation of life. At school we seasonally plant in our edible garden, we find ways to reduce water use and conserve energy, we encourage recycling and repurposing, we value the circle of life and all living things, and we graciously celebrate Earth Day.
   Our Giardino Inverno- Winter Garden is a living laboratory where children can have hands-on relationships with a variety of living things and where life lessons are learned.
Our gardens provide an opportunity for our students to actively support the abundance of life, or to experience the natural consequences of neglect. All of these learning opportunities teach children to pay close attention to the world that surrounds them, how to ultimately respect what they cannot control, and to how embrace the creativity with which life sustains itself.
   Families know when they enroll in our program that children must be prepared to experience the elements and weather throughout the school year. What looks like a lush green natural playscape in full spring bloom will transform into a playscape of hills covered in a sparkling white blanket of snow.
The natural world is filled with many sensational and serendipitous discoveries and adventures. When the natural world outside is invited to dialogue with the education happening inside of the school, the quality of teaching reaches a new level of compassion, understanding, and responsibility.
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