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Our philosophy


Bambini Creativi believes that all children are filled with powerful potential that blossoms at an early age. It is a school that cultivates collaboration in a diverse community with innovative faculty and meaningful partnerships with children and families. We know that long-lasting bonds have a positive impact on a child's first early learning experience.  Families make a conscious decision to enroll their children in this particular educational environment because they value original and creative thinking. Parents and educators support the children in their quest to understand new concepts. 'Correct' answers are not always provided; instead, the children discover the answers through questioning, exploration, and trial and error.
    Our school nurtures children's potential by providing rich learning environments. We support our students with opportunities for meaningful experiences and in-depth reflection. The children represent their knowledge in multitudes of expression. Parents and educators guide children to discover their ability to communicate using words, numbers, art, music, movement, science and the hundreds of combined possibilities.  This gives meaning to the inspiration of the "hundred languages of children" by Loris Malaguzzi, the founder of the Reggio Emilia Approach.
    Bambini Creativi recognizes that children are not only our future but are citizens of the world now and are treated with respect and enjoy full rights.

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