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Our learning environments

provoking curiosity & intrinsically motivating

The interior and exterior spaces at Bambini Creativi was thoughtfully designed and organized to reflect the values and educational goals of the Reggio Emilia Approach, our program, and community. Through extensive research and observation of how children interact and learn in various spaces the environment itself was intentionally designed to be the “third teacher.”  Bambini Creativi’s educational environment acted as a microcosm for children’s learning and was carefully designed to support a variety of interests and explorations, to provoke curiosity and stimulate inquiry, to empower autonomy and independence, to promote communication and self-expression, and to foster a system of meaningful relationships.      
   Taking inspiration from the newly built schools in Reggio Emilia and the years of experience Brianne Teevan-Bongiovanni had worked at Chicago Children’s Museum, Bambini Creativi is truly an extraordinary and unique  9,000 square foot educational environment. The learning environments are fully equipped with a Kids’ Kitchen (food atelier), Water Exploration Room (water atelier), Winter Garden (nature atelier), Art Studio (material atelier),  Piazza (social gathering space), Computer and Technology Lab, Library, Dining Room, Documentation Room, and five unique and developmentally appropriate classrooms for preschool, pre-k, transitional-k, kindergarten, and elementary.
   The 1.5 acres of outdoor natural playscape is riddled with hills, mounds, tunnels, and pathways that can be thoroughly enjoyed and experienced through all seasons. The Nature play yard has beautiful edible garden and butterfly garden, a Nature Cafe’, a covered outdoor classroom, a forest preserve, and an outdoor children’s amphitheater.
   The learning spaces and environments at Bambini Creativi articulate the values we hold for the educational experience we offer and advocates for the multiple types of intelligence that are expressed by the unique community of learners and families we serve.


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