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Our regard for quality healthy, nutrition & living being mindful

Like education, the subject of food has been widely debated. From the production of food to the consumption of food, and the controversy of how it is grown, food remains a controversial subject in this country. In the last decade, obesity has risen to epidemic proportions accounting for more than 20% of America’s youth. The rates of obesity in preschool aged children are increasing at an alarming speed. (American Psychological Association 2013). In 2010, more than one-third of children and adolescents were overweight or obese. (Center for Disease Control and Prevention July 10, 2013)
   Unfortunately, the controversy over food does not stop there.  In recent years many have spoken out against the use of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms), steroids and antibiotics, and many other injections and medications used to mass produce the foods we eat to increase companies production and profit margins.  These practices have also contributed to the decline of health and the quality of nutrition in our country.
  Bambini Creativi recognizes the subject of food as an opportunity to nurture a positive bond between children and food and act responsibly to support a healthy and sustainable food culture in our community.
  When the children eat good food fresh from their garden or actively participate in the preparation of the food they eat, they develop a good palette of pleasure and wholesomeness. Through food, children and teachers can connect to new experiences, discoveries, new sensations, new cultures, new religions, new places, and new understandings. The Atelier di Cibo, or Kids’ Kitchen, becomes a laboratory or classroom where the subject of food is studied, and mathematical and scientific concepts can be brought to life.
  Bambini Creativi only employs qualified kitchen personnel who take food and health seriously, and who are also eager to share their passion and knowledge with children and school community. Our Healthy Living Specialist acts as a resource to adults, and as an educator to the students. You may find the Healthy Living Specialist helping the Piccolo Class plant edibles in the garden for spring harvest, or leading a team of petit chefs who are responsible for preparing and serving the morning snack.
  Bambini Creativi makes a strong commitment to quality nourishment by providing organic milk and snacks, a mostly organic lunch prepared fresh onsite by a chef, and by sourcing seasonal goods and produce from local farmers. We do our best to accommodate a range of food preferences and food allergies.

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