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Ava's Uniform Project was first initiated in the spring of 2018, although Ava has talked about uniforms at Bambini Creativi for the past couple of years. Her idea for uniforms quickly turned into a full- fledged project where Ava formally proposed the idea to the Head of School and shared her ideas with her classmates. Ava searched for uniforms that were cute, affordable, and something that would be comfortable for all of the elementary amici to wear. She found a website during her research called, French Toast, a company that specializes in school uniforms and children's clothing. Ava selected several ideas for boys and girls uniforms and received an overwhelming positive response from her peers regarding what uniform pieces they all agreed on and like. Students shared that they liked the idea of uniforms because "they would get to dress like their amici," and parents shared that they love the idea of uniforms because, "their nice clothes can be protected from all of the messes we make at school," and "that there would be no debate about what to wear in the morning." The teachers love the uniform idea because "the students' clothing wouldn't be a distraction or deemed inappropriate for school."  It is for these reasons we have welcomed the idea of proceeding with Ava's Uniform Project so we can learn more about what our community thinks about the benefits and challenges of implementing uniforms for our elementary grades for the 2019-2020 school year.  When Ava was asked questions about why she thought uniforms were a good idea for the school, she said, "I think uniforms are good because you do not have to think about what you wear, plus, they are cute for everyone!"  Ava has always shared her passion for fashion at school! You can find her dreaming up outfit ideas and drawing people and animals dressed for the runway! Be a part of Ava's Uniform Project this year, and help us understand if uniforms could be a good fit for Bambini Creativi. Stay tuned to see what Ava and the Amici selected as their favorite ideas. The button above will take you to Ava's Online Uniform Store. Also remember, Ava's Uniform Project is optional this year as we collectively make our decision as a school to implement a uniform policy.


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