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Portland, Oregon

Cercativi Lead Teacher, Pedagogical Leadership

Ciao Bambini Community! 


Spending my earlier years in Portland, Oregon, I have grown so devoutly passionate about the importance of community, strong relationships, cultural diversity and diverse personal and educational experiences.


I always imagined myself venturing out into the city to become a musician or a nurse -- completely unaware that what I thought would be a job to pass my time would change my entire career path: in working at a lab center partnered with Portland State University and Inventing Remida Portland, I was immersed into the Reggio Emilia experience. Diving in head-first, I was astounded by the impacts and the blessings the philosophy brought. It has a profound ability to influence people -- both as individuals and as a community -- to respect each other, to support one another, and to grow on levels I could have never imagined. 


This opportunity not only provided professional growth, but a personal development that aided me in molding my identity as a member of the larger community, guiding me to an inner peace and a creative, open mindset that has strengthened my life in countless ways.


In 2017  I journeyed to Kansas, where I held several positions both inside and outside of the classroom, including in administrative roles and as a specialist in Early Childhood Professional Development. These experiences impacted me in many ways, finally leading me to realize, once again, that the classroom is my home. 


My initial interaction with Bambini could be seen, from the outside, as “by chance;” but I saw it with great meaning. Within moments of walking through the ingresso, my connection with the environment and the community in this space was evident. as if a sign that a partnership with this strong and driven community was not just an option, but a path that was intended to be followed.


As I devote more hours and days into developing my roots with Bambini I see a wealth of gratitude for the experience of peers, a drive for equity - for holistic respect and love for oneself as well as others and a determination to make a statement of the capabilities that the child has to offer as a competent and active member of society.


I am so thankful to have had the opportunity not only to learn with my amici, but also to grow alongside my colleagues and greater school community - developing opportunities for us to partner, share ideas, and continue to strengthen our pedagogies for the benefit of our community. With each teacher, child and family we continue to build something great together - each year holding so much meaning - I look forward every day to creating magic for the young people that I serve with my whole heart and mind!


Thanks so much for all that you do, 

Ms. Ashley

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