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Manhattan, Kansas

Lead Curiosi Teacher, Pedagogical Leadership & Mentor Teacher

The beauty of human nature has always fascinated me. The complexities of the human condition are so involved and seeing the evolution of these things in young children helps me to further understand what it truly means to be human. My interest in development actually began by researching my own neurology.  I am a cancer survivor, 16 years strong whoop! whoop!, and during that time I have become fascinated with the facets and functions of the brain. That, paired with my love for teaching, led me down a path of supporting the cognitive explorations of children with special rights.


I earned my degree from K-State in 2012 in K-12, SPED and ESL. During my journey at college, I really focused on studying strategies, methods and philosophies that support educating children who see things differently or require different inputs to be inspired to discover the world around them. Through out my time in college I worked for the state by serving families with children who have special rights. After I graduated I moved to KC and began working as cognitive coach at Brain Balance and later developed brain research based curricula for children with severe autism. While working there I was told about Bambini and called later that day. After a long and inspiring conversation with Ms. B, I decided that Bambini was the place that I needed to be, the place where my heart longed to be. I left my job and came to Bambini for an interview. Since there were no jobs available, I began to volunteer and showed up as often as possible. Later that year I began as a summer lead teacher.


Now, 10 years later, it is my honor to return to Bambini not just as an Educator but as a mother of three. During my two years away I have gained so much insight has to what it means to be a parent as well as working as a Early childhood consultant to support preschools as they grow in their ability to support the social emotional needs of their students. After spending time in various schools I now have an even deeper appreciation for the advocacy, transparency and community that Bambini provides. And that she's willing my twins will be in the piccolo classroom this year and I am eager to support the Educational mission of the Bambini community.

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