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Kansas City, Missouri

Visual Art Specialist

Hello Amici! I’m Ms.Olivia. 


Before joining Bambini Creativi’s team I had the joy of experiencing the school through my little brother Christian’s eyes. From attending school events such as Light Up the Night, to assisting on field trips and helping Christian achieve the perfect wild hair for the Celebratory "Week Of The Young Child" - I knew Bambini was special. 


Born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, I’ve had the wonderful honor of being the eldest child in my family of 7.  I grew up dragging my siblings and friends downtown with me to visit Nelson Atkins Museum!  I’ve always had a natural drawing to the world of the arts. Whether it’s through language, cinema, painting, music, travel or food - I find that creativity is a major part of the human experience.  I’ve worked the last two years as a freelance photographer while also working as an apprentice for a Sony Alpha Ambassador photographer duo out of Frisco, Texas. Our philosophy and approach to our shoots was to inspire men, women and families who had experienced some sort of hardship or trauma, to rise from their ashes. I believe that all people are born with a natural wonderment of the world and that it’s up to the adults in our lives to encourage us to cultivate it creatively. I’m so excited to get the chance to do so, both naturally and abstractly, with the Amici!


 Children see us at our full potential! Our shortcomings don’t stand a chance. Their experience of this world is as real as yours and mine. It’s our job to give them skills to understand exactly what we’re experiencing in this wonderful life.  This is exactly why I chose to be a part of the Bambini vision and team; I see my role as the Atelierista as the perfect opportunity to help these amazing young ones find a creative way to express themselves and understand how vital their roles are in their families and in the world we live in.

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