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Overland Park, Kansas

Music Specialist

Hello Amici!

My name is Lisa Wilson and I’m excited to be here. Music and Education careers go back three generations in my family. My first memory of music was 3yo Me putting little black magnets on the lines and spaces at Yamaha Music School. My grandpa was my Music Minister, pointing and winking at me as I sat in the congregation. He once asked 7yo Me how to build a IV Chord in the Key of C and I became hooked on Music Theory. College-age Me got three music majors at William Jewell College in 1986. I taught elementary music for nearly a decade before I married and started my family.


I have three grown children and a grandchild who calls me YaYa. I sit in the middle of 5 generations, all of whom live within 15 minutes of me. Life is rich with family and friends and a Shorkie named Snickers.

I have facilitated musical experiences with all ages from preschool to senior citizens. I have enjoyed teaching music in several settings - public schools, private schools and a homeschool academy. My private studios have provided supplemental income – to pay off my Creative Arts Masters in my 20s, stay home with my babies in my 30s, and now self-employed as a single woman in my 50s. I see 60 students weekly for piano teaching and vocal coaching, encouraging lifelong musicianship in those who pass through my studio. Bambini Creativi intrigues the music maker in me. I wonder what beauty will come with languages that await me.

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